Lead acid batteries are the most common large-capacity rechargeable batteries. Lead acid batteries have a moderate life span and the charge retention is best among rechargeable batteries. The lead acid battery works well at cold temperatures and is superior to lithium-ion when operating in sub-zero conditions. RECREEN, a ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified supplier, manufacturers a select range of lead acid batteries including agm battery, gel battery, flooded battery, deep cycle batteries, OPZV batteries, OPZS batteries, lead carbon battery, high temperature batteries, motive battery solutions, battery monitoring system.., These world-class products are approved with UL1989, CE, IEC60896, IEC61427, IEC60254, IEC60079. The Lead–acid batteries are the dominant market for lead which can be widely used in a variety of applications, including telecom, electric power, railway, infrastructure industry and renewable energy solution.

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