Backup Battery

As the global digital landscape evolves, data centers are increasingly the foundation of modern life. Downtime is not an option. RECREEN Energy supports your essential infrastructure with flexible, high-energy density back-up power solutions that ensure uninterrupted power to mission-critical applications. Keeping data safe and maintaining system up-time. Data centers are evolving-scaling up, growing their workload and undertaking more multi-user hosting services. UPS are also changing-delivering shorter autonomy times to counter rising incidences of electrical failure. Both of which place new demands on the UPS battery. When there is a power outage, your UPS battery reinforces your critical infrastructure to initiate the UPS generator and ensure business continuity until it is up-to-speed. Therefore, a UPS is only as good as your batteries, the most critical component in your data center. RECREEN Energy has been designing, manufacturing and supplying battery solutions to the data center, gaining an excellent reputation for providing quality and innovative solutions for backup power and energy storage in both on-grid and off-grid applications. High-rate lead acid batteries and Lithium-ion batteries are used for the UPS system, but high-rate sealed lead acid VRLA batteries are often used. Following is our recommend products.

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