Backup Battery

The utility industry is going through fundamental change, affecting all areas from power generation, transmission, distribution and energy storage. With the development of the Electric Power And Utility market and the power grid construction, the value of battery storage has also increased rapidly. The cost of energy backup storage is currently very economical, which can effectively reduce its peak consumption level. Energy storage plays an important role in the energy market for wide applications, including Utility quality service, and renewable energy on the grid. Combining photovoltaic solar with backup energy storage system, the household units can produce, store and consume electricity on demand, rather than always rely on electricity of the grid, which will bring great convenience to home users. RECREEN Energy has worked on UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or EPS backup energy storage projects with many famous Electric Power and Utilities industry, including GE Power, E. ON, Iberdrola, Engie, KEPCO, TEPCO, EDF, Enel…

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