• Question🔹In what kind of environment should the battery be used?
    AnswerMust keep the battery in a dry, clean and ventilated environment and keep the battery away from the infrared radiation, organic solvents, corrosive gases and direct sunlight.
  • Question🔹How to charge the battery?
    Answer1. Please charge the battery in constant-voltage limitary-current. Please kind notice that overcharging or over-discharging the battery and keep the battery away from the direct sunlight. The temperature change range of the installation area should be controlled—air conditioning or heating should be installed. 2. Please keep an installation distance of more than 10mm between the batteries for ventilation and heat dissipation. Please keep ventilation well to ensure that the temperature difference inside the battery pack is not higher than 3°C. 3. The battery can’t be installed in a completely enclosed place to avoid the explosion of the hydrogen gas accumulation. 4. Please inspect the battery pack for float charging voltage and perform equalization charging if necessary.
  • Question🔹What is the reason for battery swells?
    Answer1. The valve of the battery can’t be opened normally when the pressure inside the battery itself reaches a certain level. It will inevitably cause battery swells or deformation of the battery, especially when the pressure of the safety valve is too high or the safety valve is blocked. deformation of the battery. 2. The charging voltage is too high and the charging current is large, resulting in the accelerated O2 deposition on the positive plate, which is too late to recombine at the negative electrode. Meanwhile, the temperature of the battery itself also rises rapidly. When the pressure reaches a certain level before the exhaust gas, the battery will be swelled and deformed.
  • Question🔹What should be noticed in the installation of the battery?
    Answer1. The ventilation holes must not directly against the battery under the installation of the heater or air-condition and the temperature difference of each part of the battery pack should not exceed 3℃ 2. When the installation of batteries on the upper floor, the load requirement should be submitted to the Civil Engineering Department. And In areas with a seismic intensity of 7 or above, seismic brackets should be designed and fixed with anchor bolts to spread the stress. 3. Must be handled carefully during the process of the installation because the Valve Regulated Batteries are exported with liquid charge and electro-hydraulic inside. The safety valve must be loose and the short circuit is strictly prohibited. 4. Must use the insulating tools and wear protective gloves during the process of loading or unloading conductive cables, like copper row and connecting wire because the voltage of the battery pack is pretty high and there is a danger of electric shock. 5. The connecting screws should be tightened to the specified torque value. 6. Must make sure the switch is off and the connection between the voltage and polarity is correct while the battery is connected to the charging device or the load. Kindly notice that the positive terminal of the battery is connected to the positive terminal of the charging device, and the negative electrode is connected to the negative electrode. 7. Must check carefully the total voltage of the battery system, the open-circuit voltage of the single cell, the positive and negative polarity, the equalizing and floating current, and the resistance between the output terminals and the installation cabinet to confirm that the system is installed and set correctly after the installation of the battery system.
  • Question🔹What should be noticed for parallel operation of batteries?
    Answer1. The principle "multiple strings and fewer parallels, first string and then parallel" 2. Must use the same brand and the same type of battery. 3. Must not use the batteries with different degrees of newness and age in parallel. 4. Must keep connecting with equal resistance of each line circuit 5. In general, the total number of battery packs running directly in parallel is less than or equal to 4.

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