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Batteries are the heart of golf carts and if yours slows to a crawl or fails, it's game over. Almost all golf carts run on electric motors that are powered by multiple onboard batteries. And while your golf cart may have come with multiple batteries inside, these need to be replaced after multiple months of usage. RECREEN carries golf cart batteries which are the most reliable brand and professional factory on the market. Our EV series sealed lead acid batteries, 6V/ 12V deep cycle AGM or OPZV Tubular Gel VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries) batteries and 12V or 48V lithium ion batteries are the perfect selection for the Golf carts on the following recommendation. RECREEN Energy has been designing, manufacturing and supplying battery to the golf cart motor vehicle industry, gaining an good reputation for providing quality golf cart batteries. We have been cooperate with several famous golf cart brand distributors and agency, including Club Car, Yamaha, Garia, Clushman, Textron Specialized Vehicles...

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