EV Series

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    EV Series
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    Pb-Ca-Sn alloy, no Cd ,environmentally-friendly;
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    High purity raw material and patent EV deep cycle formula of AM;
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    High performance AGM separator;
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    Excellent cycle life and recovery performance during deep cycle use;
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    Sealed construction and Maintenance free.
  • Applications:

    Electric Bikes、Electric Motorcycles、Electric Tricycles、Golf Buggies、Wheelchairs、Electrical tractors、Farm Equipments
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Product Features

High Temeprature Shell

With Impact resistance, good sealing, heat resistance, low-temperature resistance and explosion-proof type, the safety of the battery is pretty high, which meets the standard of American UL94-V0.

long lifespan

The plate of the lead-acid battery uses the high-quality high tin alloy so the battery is more stable and durable, and the lifespan of the battery is prolonged.

Good Conductivity

The battery consumption will reduce while the battery connects with the equipment, which makes sure to supply stable power.

Maintenance Free Battery

The battery uses the technology of the gas recombination so it does not require constant maintenance of adding acid and water.

Product Details


The high-quality forged stamping plate ladder inside the battery optimizes the uniform distribution of current and points, and improves the corrosion resistance.

Silver-plated Copper Terminals

The silver-plated copper terminals have excellent electric conduction , so that the battery can be discharged at a large current and the battery can be charged easily. The battery can be charged and self-discharge in a quick way and recover easily, which saves time and power.

lead-calcium alloy plate

We have our own patend of Alloy formulation and alloy process. The floating lifespan of the battery is longer compared with the ordinary battery.

Thickened Flame Retardent Shell

The battery shell is made of thickened separators and flame retardant material, which enjoy the better sealing performance, and the produce is very safe and reliable.

Production Process

Installation Projects

The Maintenance Of Battery

The Maintenance Of Battery

1. Keep batteries and battery room clean and dry

Avoid inducing of static electricity during cleaning of batteries.Use damp cloth for cleaning,do not use gasoline,alcohol and other organic solvents

2. Monthly inspection items

Pls kindly notice and check these items per month including total battery voltage to the recommended range if there is a deviation,battery surface temperature and connections, valve plug check 2V battery and switch over.

3. Quarterly inspection items

Pls kindly check the float voltage for each battery,
current the low voltage batteries,
and actiated discharge.

4. Annual Inspection Items

Pls equalize charge if voltage less than 1.9v/cell, and observe for one through two months if the discharge battery to a DOD of 30%-40%. Besides, replace the battery of low capacity if the discharge battery is at current to 1.8v/cell.

Requirements and cautions


Insure personal and utilities safe during check operation.


Follow the instructions of operation and keep records.


Refer to recommended parameters of batteries.


Wear preventative clothes, use insulated tools.


Use calibrated tools and meters.

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EV Series

EV Series

EV batteries are electric vehicle batteries, which is specially designed for frequent deep cycle discharge. The EV deep cycle sealed lead acid batteries are suitable for mobility scooters, electric wheel chairs, golf buggies, electrical tractors, electric bikes...
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Hi dear, we will send you an industry report if you leave us your information, it includes industry growth rate, product distribution, sales channel structure, and customs data in different countries.